What Makes You Return to Scuba Diving?


Return to Scuba Diving

In all honesty, many people admit that no matter how many land or sea activities they try, they always go back to scuba diving.

This not only happens to novice divers who have done a few dives but also to certified divers as well. So, what makes people go back to diving?


They miss the unexplored world

The first few times a person does scuba diving, the feeling is like exploring a whole new world, seeing marine life underwater never before seen on land. Sure, exploring islands or hiking forests or mountains can be exciting, but nothing beats seeing hundreds of marine species, small and large, almost at the same time. On land, you’ll be lucky to see at least 3 species of animals.

Your new skill never leaves you

When you learned scuba diving – and eventually getting your PADI certification – learning this new skill gave you positive energy. All that physics, equipment, underwater life, and environmental protection lessons will never leave you, and you just want to return to diving to improve your skill and learn even newer things.

You’re always part of a family

Scuba divers identify with each other because they share something rare that most people don’t experience. When fellow divers meet anywhere in the world such as Scuba Diving Liveaboard Cruises, they have much to share with each other.

Scuba diving is the ultimate adventure

Just the thought of being 30 meters underwater will remind you of how intense an adventure diving is. You get to explore areas that are difficult to reach and relatively few people will get to see.

It’s more active even when compared to other sea activities

Water activities such as surfing, snorkeling, and fishing, are fun and adventurous. But once your mind wanders back to what lies underneath the waters, you realize that other water activities pale in comparison to diving.

In scuba diving, you get to move in all directions

Scuba diving allows you the freedom to move in all directions, face up or face down, underwater. And because you focus on your breathing, it becomes like a peaceful ‘zen’ moment underwater. There are no phone calls, texts, or e-mails. Everything is silent.

Each dive is different

Even if you dive in the same spot over and over again, each dive is different. You will always encounter different underwater marine life, plants, corals, and even different circumstances.




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