What to Expect When Diving in the Southern Atolls: Addu to Koodoo

The Best of Maldives Southern Atolls

When planning for a holiday to the Maldives, probably the best booking you can get is a Liveaboard tour package aboard a Liveaboard Cruise Yacht. Instead of just staying in a resort or an exclusive island, a Liveaboard package will tour you to various islands and atolls around the Maldives while staying on board the boat. Depending on the tour package you select such as Diving, Snorkelling, Surfing.

Liveaboard Diving Cruise in the Southern Atolls, this is what you can expect:

Maakandu Manta Point

– White Tip Reef Shark
– Sweetlips
– Napoleon Fish
– Blue stripe yellow snappers
– Giant travel like dogtooth tuna and jackfish
– Turtles
– Stingray

Crazy Corner
– Hammerhead Shark
– Marlins
– Pelagic

British Royalty 2nd World War Wreck

– Schools of bluefin and large turtles
– Stingray
– Seafan and plant

Fuvahmulah South and, Tiger Harbour, all at Fuvahmulah Atoll

– Tiger shark and Silvertip Shark
– Hammerhead Shark
– Marlins
– Pelagic
– Oceanic Mantas

Gema Out (blue water)

– HammerHead Shark and Silky Shark

Mareha Kandu, and Nilandhoo South, all at GA Atoll. Anchorage

– Grey Reef Shark
– White Tip Reef Shark
– Eagle Ray
– Turtle
– Napoleon Grouper
– Stingray
– Tunas Jack Fish

Badharu Faru
– For whale shark night dive

Wiligili Kandu
– Eagle Ray Grey Reef Shark

Koodoo South, Koodoo
– Eagle Ray Grey Reef Shark

Source: Maldives Boat Club Scuba Dive Master  – Saamee, Deko

What to expect aboard Liveaboard cruise yachts:

– Air-conditioned accommodations in spacious cabins with outside window, en-suite bathroom with hot water, towels, and room service.
– Full onboard meals in a buffet-style for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
– Water, tea, and coffee available 24 hours.
– Diving equipment included such as 12-liter aluminum DIN/INT, lead belts, escorting diving boat, escort instructor and local dive guide all experienced and PADI certified.
– Free Nitrox only for certified divers.
– Excursions and visit to Male City or Hulhumale.
– Use of local fishing gear including baits.
– 1 island visit with beach dinner (depending on weather conditions).

For these Liveaboard cruises, we recommend tipping the crew since they are all professionally trained and provide the best customer service. Both staff and crew are highly literate since most Maldivians have higher education attainment. Other equipment such as for diving is available as rentals.

The Maldives is a Muslim country so the public consumption of alcohol is prohibited. However, soda drinks, alcohol, and bottled water will be available aboard the ship.