Frequently Asked Questions

Find below the most common questions you might have in mind while travelling to Maldives, if you don’t find the answer to your question please don’t hesitate to send it to us using the submit question button on the right “contact us”

Visa Requirements

Do you need a Visa to Maldives?

All Visitors get on arrival 30 days Visa. Visitors entering the Republic of Maldives should fulfill the following requirement for the grant of an entry permit into the country. Valid international travel document issued by the Government of a Sovereign State. Return air ticket. Minimum of US$30.00 per person per day or confirmed hotel reservation.

Flights and travel

Which airlines fly to the Maldives?

Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Sri Lankan, Indian Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and many other flights. Check out macl.aero

What’s next when I reach the Airport?

There will be our representatives at the airport to receive you and then you will be taken to the Liveaboard

General Diving

When is the best time to dive in the Maldives?

Diving is possible all year round in the Maldives. The best visibility and dry weather are from November to April. The wet season runs from May to August with rain followed by sunshine, but diving is good.

Are there any dive wrecks in the Maldives?

There are many wrecks, but most of them are sunken for diving purpose.

What’s on offer on the cruise/boat?

Usually three dives a day, trip includes island hopping, barbecue on an uninhabited island beach.

What do I have to bring to dive?

Your C cards and logbook.

What is the maximum depth?

The maximum depth for all-recreational diving in the Maldives is 30 meters.

Is dive computer essential?
Use of dive computers are highly recommended for all divers and must use a dive computer. Diving without a dive computer is not allowed on board.
Are there dive equipment available for rent?
Yes, BCD, Regulator, Fins, Mask and snorkel, SMB, Wet suit, Computer, UW torch, tanks are available for rent. Please inform of the sizes before arrival to ensure availability
What are the visibility levels in different months?
During the very high season (Jan to Apr) the visibility is usually very good.
Can we see sharks, heard Maldives fish them out?
Yes, you can see lots of them. Shark fishing is banned in the Maldives. the very high season (Jan to Apr) the visibility is usually very good.
Can we see hammerhead sharks?

Yes, there are 2-3 different points for hammerhead. Most common is hammerhead point located in North Ari Atoll.


When is the best time to see manta rays and whale sharks?

The best time is Nov to Apr (southwest season)



What can we see during the northeast season?

Northeast season (May to Oct), you will see pelagic species such as shark and jacks on the eastern side of the atoll. Manta rays and whale sharks will only be found on the west side during this season.




Do you assist kids to qualify for padi?

Yes, we provide PADI courses.





Are there any dive regulations in the Maldives?

Yes, there is. you can find it here. https://www.tourism.gov.mv/en/downloads/guidelines

Liveaboard Diving

What if I bring along kids?
You are most welcome to bring kids on board.
What is the capacity of the boats?

Liveaboard “Adora” has a capacity of 21 pax

Liveaboard “Robin” has a capacity of 34 pax

How stable are the boats, will I get seasick?
Most of the time the sea is calm, so you won’t feel much seasick.
How many Dive Guides are on each boat?

Normally we have 3 Padi Certified Guides on board each boat.


What type of electricity sockets are there?

Liveaboards has British socket type There are power converters/ adapters available on board.




Which route does your Liveaboard safari take?
Normally if it is 07 nights, we cover four atolls (North Male´ Atoll, South Ari Atoll, North Ari Atoll and South Male´ Atoll); but it depends on weather conditions and the current as well. Most popular Itinerary is “Best of Maldives” Itinerary.
Can we go far south?

Yes cruise to far south or Huvadhu atoll usually are done 10 nights or 14 nights. Please check out our Itineraries section.


What is your cruise length in a day?

In a normal day, 5-6 hours.


How many Dive Guides are on each boat?

Normally we have 3 Padi Certified Guides on board each boat.


What am I expect to cover in the Maldives in a week?

In an ordinary safari, you can expect to see mantas, whale sharks, hammerheads, bit of soft corals etc.





How many seasons does Maldives have?

Maldives has 2 major seasons which are Dry Season ; Northeast (Nov – Apr) known locally as Hulhangu and Wet Season; southwest season (May to Oct) known locally as Iruvai


What is the Air temperature?

Maldives has a tropical climate, generally humid and warm. Air temperatures are stable across the year Highest air temperatures / Dry season : between 30°C/32°C (86˚- 90F˚) Lowest air temperatures / Rainy season : between 25°C/28°C (77˚- 83F˚)



What is your cruise length in a day?

In a normal day, 5-6 hours.


What is the water temperature?

In the Maldives water temperatures do not vary also. It is between 26°C/29°Cs (79˚- 84F˚)


How can I pay for my trip?
We accept most major credit and debit cards onboard or payment by bank transfer prior arrival. Credit cards are subject to a 5% fee. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept American Express or Diners Club cards.
What Currency is accepted in the Maldives?

Currency accepted in most places is local currency Rufiyaa and the United States Dollars. Major currencies can be exchanged at banks, tourist resort islands, hotels, and leading shops.