Best of Maldives Extra

Atolls Visited: North Male´, South Male’, Meemu, Vaavu, Thaa, Felidhoo
7 Nights
ARRIVAL      : Malé, Velana International Airport
DEPARTURE: Malé, Velana International Airport


Best of Maldives trip begins in Male and ends in Male
The closest airport is Male Intl (MLE)

Pickup time at the airport is according to your flights.
Give yourself enough time to go through immigration and pick up your bags
Check-in on the boat is according to your flights.
The boat departs as soon as everybody is on board

Day 1

Dive 1: Fish tank, North Male’ [check dive]
Anchorage : near Airport lagoon

Day 2

• Dive 2: Nerumathi (north male)
Expect to see: grouper fish, schooling bannerfish and turtles, big schools of fusilier, rainbow runner, tuna, trevally, grey reef sharks, jacks, Napoleon
• Dive 3: Kudagiri (south Male
Expect to see: small wreck, Good fish life
• Dive 4: Alimatha (Vaavu atoll)
Expect to see: pelagic fish, sharks, eagle rays

Anchorage: near Rakedo

Day 3

• Dive 5: Vahuravalhi ( meemu atoll)
Expect to see: Snapper, jacks, fusiliers, batfish, bannerfish, Napoleons, tunas, turtle sanctuary
• Dive 6: Kurali manta point ( meemu atoll),
Expect to see: Mantas in large quantity
• Dive 7: Fushi kandu ( thaa atoll)
Expect to see: Napoleons, turtles, moray eels, reef fish, eagle and sting rays

Anchorage near kalhufahala (night whale shark )

Day 4

• Dive 8: Dhiyamigili kandu , blue water (thaa atoll)
Expect to see: Jacks, snapper, tuna, Napoleon wrasse and stingrays
• Dive 9: Olhugiri kandu (thaa atoll)
Expect to see: white tip reef sharks, tuna, eagle rays, Napoleons, white tip reef sharks

Anchorage: BBq – Fenbo hura

Day 5

• Dive 10: Vahura Valhi (meemu atoll)
Expect to see: pelagic fish, sharks, eagle rays
• Dive 11: Rakido Cona (felidhoo atoll)
Expect to see: napoleons, turtles, moray eels and a lot reef fish
• Dive 12: Devendah Kandu (felidhoo atoll)
• Expect to see: Nurse Sharks, Reef Sharks, Sting Rays and Giant Trevallie
• Dive 13: Alimatha house reef (felidhoo atoll)
Expect to see: Nurse Sharks, Reef Sharks, Sting Rays and Giant Trevallie

Anchorage: near Alimatha

Day 6

Dive 14: miyaru kandu ( felidhoo atoll )
Expect to see: Grey reef and hammerhead sharks, whitetip reef sharks, jacks, fusiliers at the channel edge; turtles, napoleons, groupers and sometimes also eagle rays
Dive 15: dhevana kandu (felidhoo atoll)
Expect to see: tuna, white tip reef sharks & eagle rays
Dive 16: kudhi boli thila thila (felidhoo atoll)
Expect to see: fusiliers and jacks, whitetip reef sharks, napoleons, big groups of snappers and sweet lips along the thila
Anchorage: bbq at vashu giri

Day 7

cruising early morning to south male
• dive 17: Kadooma thila (south male atoll)
Expect to see: Grey reef sharks & white tip sharks, tuna, jack fish, Napoleon wrass, barracudas, turtles, Eagle rays.

Last dive of the trip and after the dive cruising back to airport lagoon .

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