Best of Maldives (Male – Male) 7 nights

Atolls Visited: South Male, Vaavu, South Ari, North Ari
7 nights
Approx. 18 Dives
ARRIVAL      : Malé, Velana International Airport
DEPARTURE: Malé, Velana International Airport


Best of Maldives trip begins in Male and ends in Male
The closest airport is Male Intl (MLE)

Pickup time at the airport is according to your flights.
Give yourself enough time to go through immigration and pick up your bags
Check-in on the boat is according to your flights.
The boat departs as soon as everybody is on board

Day 1

Dive 1:Fish tank north Male´ Atoll (Check Dive).
Anchorage: near kuruba – north Male´ Atoll

Day 2

Dive 1: Maagiri North Male´ Atoll: Nurse sharks, stingrays, gobies, whip coral cowries,
blue-stripe snappers, bannerfish, parrot fish, moray eels, and cleaner shrimps
▪ Dive 2: Embudhoo Express south male’ Atoll (grey reef sharks, barracuda, and trevally
▪ Dive 3: Kuda Giri wreck South male Atoll: ten-year-old wreck There are lots of glassfish
in the holds and a feisty titan triggerfish had a go at my fin. There were shrimps inside a
funnel and a few lobsters hiding in the wreck.

Anchorage: Guraidhoo – South Male

Day 3

Dive 1: Guraidhoo Kandu south male atoll: Dive at Guraidhoo Kandu South Male Atoll a Protected Marine Area which has a large underwater region with a variety of channels, reef plateaus, walls, and drop-offs. Expect to see moray eels, lion fish,
squirrelfish, soft corals, schooling trevallies, and sharks
▪ Dive 2; Miyaru kandu- Head to Vaavu Atoll and the first dive in this Atoll will be done in
Miyaru Kandu. Expect to see mackerel, trevally, and schools of triggerfish, whitetip reef
sharks, and grey reef sharks.
Dive 3: Devana Kandu- Dive at Devana Kandu in Vaavu which is a narrow channel with
a reef in the middle. Expect to see big fish like sharks, napoleon and eagle rays
▪ Dive 4: Alimatha night dive – There will be a night dive at Alimatha– Vaavu Atoll which has been one of the favorites among guests. Huge nurse sharks, stingrays & travallys can be spotted throughout this experience

Anchorage:near Alimatha

Day 4

Cruising early morning to South Ari Atoll.
▪ Dive 1 Maamigili Beru- south Ari Atoll ( whale shark search)
▪ Dive 2 Mv Kudhimaa wreck- south Ari Atoll The Kudhimaa is a Japanese cargo
and was sunk in 1998 Batfish, pufferfish, boxfish, lion fish, sponges, sea squirts, and corals

Anchorage: Near kuda rah South Ari Atoll

Day 5

Dive 1: Kuda Rah Thila- south Ari atoll: Protected dive site, small pinnacle starting top reef at around 16m with soft corals and overhangs. Thousands of Blue Striped Snappers can be found at the top of this reef.
▪ Dive 2: Rangali Madivaru- south Ari atoll: well-known site for Diverse marine fauna that can be spotted at the Rangali Madivaru dive site, such as manta rays, shoals of cleaner wrasses, scorpionfish, leaf fish, and lionfish. Moray eels, firefish, basslets, Napoleon wrasses, and midnight snapper are also frequent guests. Beautiful sea plants can be
found at Rangali Madivaru as well, including subtle sea fans and exotic table corals. The well-known feature of this site is the plethora of manta rays that use this place as
the cleaning station during the northeast monsoon.
▪ Dive 3: Rahdhiga Thila - south Ari atoll: pinnacle dive which is often home to grey reef
sharks, overhangs with dripping blue, yellow, and orange soft coral, and shallow tabletop coral.
▪ If fine weather bbq

Anchorage: Raidhiga

Day 6

Dive 1: Panettone- south Ari atoll: Panettone has beautiful soft corals and purple fans that are full of small tropical fish. The larger species include barracudas, huge
trevallies, gray reef sharks, and whitetip sharks. Sometimes it is even possible to see
enormous manta rays.
• Dive 2: Moofushi manta point- south Ari atoll: The name says it all, this is where you
spot manta rays. But there is more. Moofushi Manta Point also attracts many
white and gray reef sharks and napoleon fish.
• Dive 3: fesdu wreck
• Dive 4: Fesdhu Lagoon Manta night dive- North Ari atoll: A fantastic dive site for
night dives: Fesdu Lagoon in North Ari Atoll in the Maldives, is one of three
locations in the world where you can observe manta rays feeding! An
incredible show!

Day 7

Day 7.
Dive 1: Fish head- north ari atoll. fusilier and snapper sharks, napoleons
Anchorage: Hulhu Male´ Lagoon … Departure

Day 8

Departure by 10 am
Note: this itinerary can apply only on northeast monsoon (IRIUVAI) It may change due to weather conditions and current.

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