Best of Southern Atolls; Kooddoo to Addu

Atolls Visited: Gaafu Alif / Foamulah / Addu

ARRIVAL      : Kooddoo Airport
DEPARTURE: Addu, Gan International Airport
7 nights
15 Dives


A 7-night voyage from Koodoo to Gan, where mesmerizing underwater marvels beckon. Explore the awe-inspiring Shark Point, dubbed the 'Shark Hotel,' to behold elegant grey reef sharks.
Encounter Hawksbill and Green Sea Turtles at Turtle Point, and delve into the rich marine diversity of the Kandu Huraa Region, boasting mantas, nurse sharks, turtles, and rays across four enchanting dive sites. Immerse yourself in the magnificence of the Maldives' aquatic world.

Day 1

▪ Dive 1: Arrival day no check dive
Anchorage: Near Kooddoo

Day 2

▪ Dive 2: Willigi Kandu, GA Atoll
▪ Dive 3: Nilandhoo South, GA Atoll
▪ Dive 4: Kooddoo Feeding, GA Atoll
Anchorage: Near Badaru Faru (Whale shark night)

Day 3

▪ Dive 5: Kooddoo Kandu, GA Atoll
▪ Dive 6: Wiligil Kandu, GA Atoll
▪ Dive 7: Kurendhoo Kandu, GA Atoll
Anchorage: Near Mareha

Day 4

▪ Dive 8: Gema out ( blue water dive), GA atoll
▪ Dive 9: Mareha Kandu, GA Atoll
▪ Dive 10: Mareha Kandu, GA Atoll
Anchorage: Near Near Gahdhoo, Cruising

Day 5

▪ Dive 11: Foamulah South, Foamulah Atoll
▪ Dive 12: Foamulah South, Foamulah Atoll

Anchorage: At Addu, after the second dive cruising to Addu.

Day 6

Cruising back to Foamulah early in the morning.

▪ Dive 13: Foamulah South, Foamulah Atoll
▪ Dive 14: Foamulah South, Foamulah Atoll
▪ Dive 15: Tiger Harbor ( fee applicable ), Foamulah Atoll

Anchorage: Near Manta Point Addu.

Day 7

▪ Dive 16: Maakandu Manta Point, Addu Atoll

Day 8

Guest departure in Morning in Gan International Airport

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