Best of Southern Atolls; Male to Down South

Atolls Visited: North Male, South Male, Vaavu, Meemu, Thaa, Laamu, Gaafu Alif, Foamulah, Addu
10 nights
Approx. 25 Dives
ARRIVAL      : Malé, Velaanaa International Airport
DEPARTURE: Gan International Airport


The trip begins in Male and ends in Addu
The closest airport is Male Intl (MLE)
Pickup time at the airport is according to your flights.
Give yourself enough time to go through immigration and pick up your bags
Check-in on the boat is according to your flights.
The boat departs as soon as everybody is on board and after check dive

Day 1

Transfer to boat
- Check-in from
- Meet the crew
- Welcome briefing
- Assign cabins
- Prepare your equipment
- Check Dive: Fishtank North Male´ Atoll

Day 2

First dive of the day will be to Vadhoo caves, South Male,
Second Dive will be at Guraidhoo Kandu South Male Atoll which is a Protected Marine Area
having a large underwater region with a variety of:
- Channels
- Reef plateaus,
- Walls and drop-offs.

Expect to see:
- Moray Eels
- Lionfish
- Squirrelfish
- Soft corals
- Schooling trevallies and sharks

Third Dive of the day will be at Devana kandu in Vaavu which is a narrow channel with a reef in the middle.

Expect to see :
- Big fish like Sharks
- Napoleon and Eagle Rays

There will be a night dive at Alimatha– Vaavu Atoll which has been one of the favorites among guests.

Huge nurse sharks, stingrays travallys can be spotted throughout this experience.

Day 3

First Dive of the day will be done in Miyaru Kandu.
Expect to see:
- Mackerel
- Trevally and Schools of Triggerfish
- Whitetip reef sharks and grey reef sharks

The boat will be traveling to Meemu Atoll.
First time in this Atoll will be to Vahhuravalhi Kandu.
If weather permits a Beach Barbecue will be arranged.

Day 4

First Dive of the day will be to the famous Kurali Manta Point before heading to Thaa Atoll.

The second dive of the day is expected to Fushi Kandu in Thaa Atoll,
which is one of the most popular channel dives.
Expect to see:

- Whitetip reef sharks
- Schools of jacks
- Tuna and Eagle Rays

The third dive of the day will be to Bodu Thila, Thaa
Atoll with an amazing variety of marine life with spectacular cliffs and overhangs on the south side.

Expect to see:

- Big-eye trevally
- Humpback Red Snapper
- Dark-banded fusilier and much other fish swimming out from the wall.

Day 5

Morning Dive of the day will be to Dhiyamigili Kandu in Thaa.
Boat will head to Laamu Atoll

Second Dive of the day will be to
Fushi kandu, Laamu, located in northern channel on the eastern reef of the Laamu Stoll, hosting a large variety of species.

Last dive of the day is expected at Hithadhoo Manta point, Laamu.

Day 6

Boat will travel to Gaafu Alif Atoll and first dive is expected to Villigili kandu which is a channel located south of Villingili Island,
expect to see many grey reef sharks.

Next Dive is expected at Koodoo kandu in the same atoll.
If all goes well the last dive will be a night whale shark (snorkeling).

Day 7

First dive of the day will be to Koodoo Kandu
Second dive of the day will be to Nilandhoo Kandu, Gaafu Alif where we expect to see:

- Leopard sharks
- Gray reef sharks
- Silky Sharks
- Groups of eagle rays
- big schools of jacks

Last dive of the day is to Nilandhoo coral garden, Gaafu Alif

Day 8

The first dive of the day will be to Gema out (blue water), Gaafu Alif.
Second dive will be to Maareha kandu , Gaafu Alif
home to grey reef sharks and eagle rays
Last dive in this atoll will be to Kodey Kandu prior to heading to Foamulah.

Day 9

First and second dive of the day will be to Foamulah South, famous for its tiger sharks.
The boat will head to Addu Atoll, and the last dive of the day is expected at Maakandu manta point.

Day 10

The last dive of the cruise will be to Kottey
The liveaboard will travel near to Gan, Addu City

Day 11

Departure by 10 AM

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