What Makes Southern Atolls Maldives Exciting to Dive?

When you venture inside the Republic of Maldives and explore the Southern Atolls, you will find out what the diving pioneers felt when they first exploring around this archipelagic nation. No diving is the same even in one location, and many of its oceans and reefs remain unexplored. This is why every Liveaboard Diving Cruise returns with fresh or different stories of spectacular new thrills. Yes, the resorts in the Maldives are a rarity in the world, but going on a Liveaboard Diving Cruise especially in the Southern Atolls is an even rarer experience.

Best of Southern Atolls Maldives

The Dives

The Liveaboard Dive Cruise explores the Maakandu Manta Point, Kottey, Hithadhoo Beru (all in Addu), Foamulah south, Gemanafushi Beru, Mareha Kandu, Kodey coral garden, Viligili Kandu, Koodoo Kandu, Nilandhoo coral garden, (all in Gaafu Alif), Hithadhoo manta point, Fushi Kandu, Diyamigili Kandu, Diya migili Kandu, Fushi Faru kandu (all in Thaa), Kureli manta point, Vahuravalhi kandu (all in Meemu), Alimatha house reef, Miyaru kandu, (all in Vaavu), Guraidhoo kandu, Kuda Giri wreck (all in South Male, and Emboodu Kandu.

Diving highlights will always be seeing individuals and schools of whale sharks, manta rays, large pelagic, and other species of marine life as well as corals and other marine life at the ocean bottom. This is because of the healthy reefs and corals untouched by humanity and superb visibility in the warm waters.

Why Liveaboard Dives?

 Though many dives have already been done in some of these atolls, some areas remain virtually unexplored, making the dives an opportunity for exploration. These atolls are also widely spread, so a Liveaboard is a best and only way to reach these exciting dive sites.

Amenities Come with a Dive Cruise

Dive cruise Liveaboard ships such as the MV Adora come with air-conditioned accommodations, en-suite bathrooms with hot water, towels, and room service. This ensures that you travel to the different dive sites in complete comfort. Full board buffet meals are served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Water, tea, and coffee are available 24 hours. There is even one island visit that includes a beach barbecue.

If you don’t bring your own dive equipment, rentals are available inclusive and outside the dive package.

This popular Liveaboard Diving Cruise is often fully booked well in advance, so we recommend you plan to book your trip several months prior to your proposed dates of travel in order to avoid a disappointing vacation.


Best of Southern Atolls Maldives